Don't be Left in the Dust

Posted by Heather Orient on Sep 15, 2017 5:51:31 PM

We all know that we create a huge dust cloud on a job site cutting pavers, wall block, or concrete. It's not good for the environment, it gets all over everything, but most importantly, it's not healthy to you as workers to be breathing in harmful silica dust.

Hulton Tool is excited to be carrying a new product called the DustBull. It attaches to Sthil, Mikata, & Husqvarna cut off saws. The extra wide mouth captures maximum dust collection at the point of origin. It's lightweight construction won't add weight to your saw as well. The DustBull works as a system with a vacuum. OSHA is cracking down more & regulations are going into effect at the end of this month & this tool meets OSHA's silica guidelines.

To be OSHA silica compliant, the DustBull needs to be used with a vacuum system that has 260+CFM. To achieve this with what we currently offer, you need to hook up 2 vacuums using a Y connector and hose. If you only use 1 vacuum, the DustBull does collect 75-80% of the dust depending on how you cut and what surface you cut on. I do have to add, please don't think you can use a regular shop vac. It will get clogged before you know it!

Check it out in action!



 We are really excited about this new product & it's "relatives", the DustBuddie for cutting on flat surfaces & the DustBuddie XP for grinding. More info to come on these products & the OSHA guidelines!

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