Posted by Heather Orient on May 31, 2016 2:30:47 PM

Don't you hate going out to a job site and having to deal with setting up your laser and making sure you have another person to hold the stick? Not anymore! Make things easy on yourself and get a ZipLevel.

As a Landscape Designer I'm usually on job sites by myself & I've found the ZipLevel an invaluable tool to have.  I can take elevations in minutes.  It fits behind the backseat of my car, is easy to set up, and gives my accurate measurements for all my job needs.  Take a listen to what Bill Gardocki, who has been installing hardscapes for 40 years has to say about the ZipLevel.



  • The ZipLevel allows for true 1-person operation
  • It levels and reads elevations directly in inches, feet or meters
  • It's jobsite rugged-which is a must in our industry!
  • replaces rotary lasers-faster and easier
Believe me when I say that customer who have bought these have loved them and find it an incredible tool for their crews.  Try one won't regret it!