Posted by Heather Orient on Dec 16, 2016 12:26:39 PM

Just because the weather is colder doesn't mean you have to pack up shop & stop working! This is still a good time to get out there & look at jobs for next spring! As Landscape Contractors & Designers we need to educate our customers that this is still a good time to look at their job site & get a design done. That way they have a little time to look at their budget, think about what phase of the job they may want done & get back to you to get on your schedule in a timely manner. We all have had the clients that call at the beginning of May that want a design & the work done by Memorial Day. It's just getting your clients to think a little differently. Everybody will be happier in the end!

So bundle up if you need to & get out there with your Ziplevel & Measuring Wheel! If you don't have these tools, you better be running to your local HT landscape supply dealer & purchasing them.

Zip_Level_II.jpg                                         wheel master pro.jpg