Posted by Heather Orient on Jul 5, 2016 4:03:40 PM


Hardscape installations are typically larger investments for homeowners. Just like anything else     (cars, flooring, paint etc.) Hardscapes need proper maintenance.  More times than not, contractors miss out on a great opportunity to upsell Hardscape Maintenance to their new and existing clientele.  By adding this service of cleaning & sealing, the homeowner can maintain the value of their hardscapes, which in turn increases the overall appearance of their home and property.

After so many years of driving, walking, playing, entertaining and just day to day wear & tear; pavers need to be power washed, resanded, cleaned & sealed again to make them look like new. Your clients will be amazed at the results and  it's a great way for you as contractors to generate revenue with a small crew of 2 and minimal equipment investment. The potential market for cleaning & sealing is great-especially for contractors that are hardscape focused. Just look over your past client list and think of the square footage potential for cleaning & sealing upsells!

Having the right equipment for the job can also make your operation very efficient and profitable. Whether you want to dedicate a trailer to this part of your business or not, getting a high quality power washer, preferably a hot water one is a must.. Easy Kleen Hot Water Power Washers, will allow you to wash off dirt and grime easier but also old sealers with out using a stripper. It just does a better job of overall cleaning. The Cyclone Surface Cleaner is great for flat surfaces, allowing you to clean with increased speed and site mess is kept to a minimum.

Feel free to read the following article from a contractor who has a profitable sealing & cleaning business to get some great tips & ideas!


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